about me

venus & co he/she/they
genderfuck boygirl angel/bird/fag
plural, otherkin, artist, musician, writer, eeper
trying her best


  • my little pony
  • we know the devil
  • homestuck
  • signalis
  • nichijou
  • higurashi
  • dolls
  • little witch academia
  • ddlc
  • crosscode
  • zelda
  • vocaloid
  • jerma
(bolded items are hyperfixations/special interests)

stuff i do / hobbies

  • art
  • chiptunes
  • music, music comp/prod
  • comics and animation
  • linguistics
  • game dev
  • video games
  • vr


i like to make music sometimes; i've been making music as a hobby for 6 years now, and i've released two pay-what-you-want albums on my bandcamp. most of my music is on soundcloud or bandcamp, but i also post random chiptunes or music sketches onto my personal account, which you can find compiled here. i also listen to a ton of music. like a lot. if you wanna check out my playlists or stuff i like, you can check out my spotify or lastfm.