about me

norah / inkkly | 18 | trans wlw | she/her | leftist | neurodivergent | plural |

hi!! i'm norah, and i love naps, rainy days, and my girlfriends belle and jade!!! im an aspiring comic artist / games artist / storyteller that loves video games, comics, and animation!

  • she-ra p.o.p
  • little witch academia
  • nichijou
  • a hat in time
  • hyper light drifter
  • rwby
  • splatoon 2
  • mlp
  • oneshot
  • spiderverse
  • zelda
  • persona 5
  • kirby
  • OFF
  • vinesauce
  • jerma
    stuff i do/hobbies
  • art ! ! !
  • chiptunes
  • composing / producing music
  • listening to lots of music
  • comics and animation
  • linguistics
  • culture & history
  • vidya games :3


i like to make music a lot too! i've been making music as a hobby for almost 3 years now, and i've released two pay-what-you-want albums on my bandcamp. most of my music is on soundcloud or bandcamp, but i also post random chiptunes or music sketches onto my personal account, which you can find compiled here. i also listen to a ton of music. like a lot. if you wanna check out my playlists or stuff i like, you can check out my top 42 albums collage, my spotify, or my last.fm :p


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