quarantine blues, other various hues

04-06-2020 | luna

so, quarantine, huh?

i guess i kinda forgot to work on this site what with college and a pandemic threatening to uproot the livelihoods of so many.

also just. lots of burnout. lots

but things are better! i think. at the very least, things are improving for sure.

i got new adhd meds and they already feel a lot better, so that's rad! and i've been playing a shit load of acnh! it's great!!

also, i've added a work in progress portfolio page, so check that out if you're interested :3 that's it for now!!!

whats up

02-24-2020* | luna

howdy gamers!

it's been a while because of college but i'm still here, though i havent gotten time to work on the site at all

hopefully i'll get time to soon during break but no guarantees

*i forgot to fucking upload this post - 04-06-2020*


01-06-2020 | luna

still working on the site, making good progress but college is starting soon so things might slow pretty soon

hopefully will have my portfolio and comics pages up soon though if nothing else


01-04-2020 | luna

first blog post wahwhawhawh